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What You'll Learn

Save time

Reduce your invoice processing costs, eliminate paper pushing and fully automate your unique workflow.


Gain visibility

Gain visibility across all of your accounts payable processes in real-time, from anywhere you are.


Manage multiple entities

Monitor and process payables for multiple legal entities within one central platform.


Upload invoices on the go!

Upload invoices instantly and send them to your Beanworks account.

Invoice images can be selected from your phone’s photo library, and approvers will be able to see a list of invoices pending approval. They'll also see coding details and approval history.

You can approve and reject vendor payments directly from the Beanworks app!


Eliminate Data-Entry

Save 83% of the time you spend coding invoices by automatically capturing the header information on PDFs and images.


Automated Approvals

On average our clients have saved 90% of their time managing approval processes.


Go Paperless

Eliminating paper from your processes means no more paper storage, less risk of losing sensitive data, and helps better the planet.



What do you like best?

 "Our team likes the fact that everything is digital now and typed in for us. No more stacks of paper, wondering where it went, who's desk it is sitting on waiting to be approved. Approving invoices is faster and our turnaround time has increased tremendously, plus we still have a digital paper trail!"


What do you like best?

"The huge time savings that I experience. The document management and workflow system we gained."



What do you like best?

"The fact that invoices are in one place, not getting lost in transit or buried on someone's desk, has changed our A/P world for the better, 100%!"

Why CFOs trust Beanworks for AP automation

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