White Paper: Mature Accounts Payable for the Small and Mid-Size Enterprise

What you'll learn inside:

  • Three key benchmarks to measure accounts payable teams
  • The difference in being an AP innovator, mainstream, or novice ranking team
  • How to achieve a top tier rank, increasing productivity while lowering your accounts payable department costs


Organizational Improvements with automating AP:


Whitepaper Preview: Ensuring ROI from AP Automation
Aspiring to reach the level of an Innovator is a meaningful and decisive goal, but measurable ROI is an extremely important factor for any organization when choosing to purchase business software.
For SMEs, ROI can be even more significant, as they have much fewer resources with which to invest in technology. The following best practices are for ensuring ROI when adopting an AP solution.
Develop a strong business case for increased visibility, lower costs, and the impact of improvement on the rest of the business.
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